Insight Educational & Psychological Services, LLC

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Insight Educational and Psychological Services, LLC is a part-time private practice that provides educational services and psychological services for individuals and families.  Please get to know us a little better!

With us clarity is in sight! 


Clarity.  This is our ultimate goal for you.  Whether you need an expert, guide, consultant, or an advocate, we are committed to helping you transform your perspective, your education, your life.  With our services, something more positive is not only possible, it is in sight! 


Psychological Services

Have you been wanting to ask for help but haven't known who or how to ask for it? Now that you've visited our website, you've taken the first step to changing your life and your family's life. We offer a variety of psychological services, including online therapy for adult individuals and face-to-face therapy and assessment for children and families. Please get to know us a little better!


Educational Services

Are you a parent who is preparing a student for education beyond high school?  Do you need information and support about how to make the right decisions now and how to navigate the college admission process?  We know that planning for college can be a daunting process for students and parents alike.  It involves, not only choosing a college, but figuring out what steps it takes to get to that college.  We provide the guidance, information, and resources you need to make your student's transition easier and more effective.  Find out more now.


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